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Comments Received on My First Books! From The Archives!

Comments Received From The Archives! On My Books!


Dated January 5 2010.

Majid Al Suleimany Books


Mabrook (Congratulations) Pappa! Remember Pappa it is an honour just to be published! People look for Publishers – but you did it on your own – which is a great achievement! So don’t worry about profits or sales. Enjoy what many authors struggle and try to find – and never find. Love you – From My Daughter (Engineering UnderGraduate).

Good Evening Dear Uncle – This is M. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the book (Short Takes). I started reading it. It’s amazing! Keep writing and don’t stop please. – From My Niece (Business Studies Undergraduate).

Dear all – here is (an email) all about my Uncle’s books – we are all proud of him! – From Another Niece.

Dear Brother – Thank you for your lovely books! I will always keep and cherish them! – From My Sister.

If anyone in this world has any complaints from your writings, I believe that they just lack the sense of creativity from your writings that one needs to possess to understand the high calber writings such as yours …. I have read all your books and stories and they are amazingly exciting and very informative …. Not at all insulting! You are a real intelligent person – and we will feel sorry for those that lack the sense of humour that God has gifted you with Masha Allah (God Be Blessed).

Keep writing and our full support is with you always – and as long as your children are alive we will make sure that you will never have to worry for anything – Inshallah (God Willing) – From My Daughter in Law.

Hi Pa,

I wrote an article about my idols here at our Company Newsletter
(It is a two month newsletter) here’s what I wrote about you.

M.S. (Always lands on his feet)

No matter how many times this man falls, he always seems to land on his feet. Every time he falls, he comes up even stronger, and once he gets up, the whole world knows about it. I remember when I was a kid, my dad had a small [party for his early retirement, and I heard a conversation between two big shots at PDO.

One said , “Do you think he shall be back?’.

The other replied, “Well no matter how many times we punch him, he gets stronger and stronger”.

I loved that moment

Be proud and never give up…… you are on top of the world! – From My Son

Majid Al Suleimany is a wonderful person and a true professional; let’s support him by buying this book…. A Fan – Dammam – Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Majid Al Suleimany – My best wishes to you; hope your book is read and appreciated by many and also wish that it is a big success. I will pick up a copy when I next visit a bookstore – A Fan – Muscat – Oman.

I have gone through your articles and books, MaAshallah (God Be Blessed) I like the way you explain and express your emotion and knowledge. I am not getting boring or tired when reading your books and articles. You are not only professional author but a master in writing with good command of English language. Please keep it up.

Thanks, Bless to you and to your family. – Amin (Amen) — Omani HSE Senior Officer

Do not give up even if they do not appreciate, recognise and acknowledge you – because there are many powerful figures that do not want the facts and the truth to be told – they should not discourage you at all – remember I was there and know what was going on to stop people like you to come forward and be forthcoming. They will give you many reasons – one of the famous one is ‘because you write in English!’ –

Retired Senior Public Personality

What is the point if all these brilliance and intelligence that you have in you that would rot in case you die now or cannot write anymore? You owe it to yourself only – and to your God only – no one else! – Another as above

M (The Author) is full of surprises – Ex Omani Boss.

How do you actually live with yourself after all your writings? And you know – people just hear – but they do not listen – Public Senior Official.

I hope the family are fine. I really like following up on your new achievements and read on your news too. You are very highly professional person – but yet Allah has made you down-to-earth so that you can always help others that are in need for guidance, help and support.

Others that are in your ranking are so far away from the nation heart unalike you! We look up to you Sir. Omani Investment and Tourism Manager.

It is a great honour and privilege to get to know you and your achievements. You make us the young Omanis feel hopeful elated and great – Omani University Graduate.

I am sending you my phone number (by Email). I really would like to meet and know you better – because you are an inspiration to us all – Lady Senior Official Fan.

I have just bought your book Psychology of Arab Management Thinking. The language is lucid, the diction perfect. A Booker for you in the offing – that is what we pray for you – Indian Senior Corporate Official.

You are maturing day by day nurtured by your good old days in Tanzanian islands! Great going Sir! Waiting for your music to our souls! – As Above.

I started reading your post and spent several hours on your website reading your articles. I am quite impressed with what you have done. Moreover, you may be one of the very few HR “professionals” with a conscience left.

I find it very interesting that we both have made similar observations and conclusions from nearly the opposite sides of this planet. If I get to Muscat, I hope that we can meet very soon. – American Fan

The Book is very insightful – and am shocked too – because no book has shaken me like this one did! Are these things really happening? Cannot believe it! – British CEO

I hope your Second Management Book will be a great success – British CEO.

There is a great need for improvements and achievements in this particular arena – your book has tried well to cover all these to a very successful extent – British CEO

Part of the problem of Arab Management is the inherited autocratic society we live in, and confronted by new Management concepts and innovation believing in freedom of expression, empowerment, delegation, transparency, ethics and accountabilities – and the clash between the two.” – Indian CEO

See what you are saying here is very true, especially in Arab Management – Arab CEO

Please be the catalyst for change in your part of the world – – British CEO

Frankly, you are the first Omani (Arab / GCC) to have looked at these issues critically and spoken outside. Let many more voices raise together to make this powerful movement of change across the Arab world – Indian HR Professional

May I know if it is available in Malaysia? it seem interesting to read– Fan from Malaysia.

I wonder if I could pick a copy in UK? Apart of my work and studies, I read many management books – but never anything based on work in Arab Countries – Fan from UK

I wish to convey my sincere thanks for the copy of your book Psychology of Arab Management Thinking you sent me.

I am sure the book will be valuable reading and very informative. I appreciate your kind thoughts in sending me the book.

Thank you once again, and my best wishes to you – Bank CEO and also Bank COO.

I think Fraser has left the building. Would you follow him? – A teasing friend!

Someone must have the guts and courage to write about this growing danger and phenomena with us here now – before it is too late for everyone!” – American CEO

The book is critical but objective—and portrays the Arab mind and focus in its proper perspectives.” – Senior Omani Public Official

Your writing is quite exceptional, informative, and gripping – Omani High Official

There is a great need for improvements and achievements in this particular arena – your book has tried well to cover all these to a very successful extent.” British CEO

Part of the problem of Arab Management is the inherited autocratic society we live in, and confronted by new Management concepts and innovation believing in freedom of expression, empowerment, delegation, transparency, ethics and accountabilities – and the clash between the two.” – Indian CEO.

See what you are saying here is very true, especially in Arab Management – Arab CEO

Thank you for the very emotional article Goodbye; Our Mother!

I am very sorry about your mother.. I can understand your feelings. I am crying with you! Loosing a parent is not easy. But loosing mother is something different. It is very difficult to stand. As being a mother myself, I wish my daughter to remember me in love, and pray for me after I die. I do not want her cry for me a lot. I always want to see her happy.
I suggest you add this article to your coming New Book (DONE). It is very emotional and heartbreaking – and it will make many people really cry – hopefully some will remember their parents before either they or their parents pass away first – and that will be your contribution – A Turkish Lady Fan (Turkey).

Dear Majid – your highly emotional article on Goodbye; Our Mother – made many of us cry here at the Offices! A friend of mine had not talked to her Mother for the last 5 years due to a family row over her divorce with her ex husband. I asked here to read your article – and say who the Writer is? It shattered them to pieces to realise that it was an Arab who writes that well in English.
She took two days off – and went to visit her sick ailing Mother.

If this is the affect that you have on people, no wonder you are greatly admired.

We at Trafford Publishing are Proud that you are our Author and have published your books with us – Book Consultant – Trafford Publishing USA.

MORE ADDED  COMMENTS! – January 27 2010.

Thank you for the sent article. It’s very nice and well written synopsis of the book. All the best! – Omani Ex Work Peer

Weldon, you have got a very good review of your book. This has encouraged me to get one for myself Thanks for sharing – Another,

Congratulations Mr. Majid! I wish your new book all the success and acclaim it deserves! – Regards – Indian Media Manager

His coming here was like A Fresh Blow of Wind – now that he has gone the air is more stale than ever before!” – One British GM (in Oman).

Majid is a very kind and spiritual person – a shame and pity that many do not give him the time and efforts to understand him better – American CEO

A friend to all, an enemy to none, honest, innocent and generous – that’s our Majid ! – Colleague in a Renown Company.

I feel that it feels great to read his human interest stories … The facts, which were objectively outlined, need to be studied in finding a solution to the many problems that haunt families today …must have made a lot of families think twice before getting into certain troubles that lead to disaster …. Such human-interest articles are exactly what we readers are patiently waiting for. Carry on the good works” – by Omani Lady Fan – Muscat – Letters to the Editor – Oman Daily Observer – 15th August, 2003.

I have read a similar article also named Touching People In Life! – and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me’’ – Overseas Fan (France)

In all my life I have yet to see a person who can be very polite, courteous, kind and feeling at least 95% of the time – and treat him well and he will get the moon for you! Treat him abrupt and bad – and for the 5% he can be the most disliked despicable person that you had ever known – though admittedly he will try his best to avoid a face-on fight and confrontation – Ex Dutch Boss!

Majid – If we don’t comment on what you are writing it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate, no, me my self I believe and enjoy every word you write. The incidents you are talking about have occurred in front of our eyes and have seen people suffer for what they have done.

But Majid do people learn from that?. Everyone says “he is stupid. It will never happen to me. If I were him I would….” and they continue with the same what others have suffered from.

Yesterday,. I watched Oprah show and she explained that it is the brain that makes people act the way they act in spite of seeing it is wrong. I’m confused Majid how can we help people we love and surrounding us into seeing things differently? Does power and money change people attitudes or they just unveils them to show their original beings?

Do write we will read. Thanks for forwarding me the nice pieces. I enjoy them. Good bless you – Omani Lady Fan

The writer takes ‘a no hold approach’ in many of his writings with an outlook from a personal perspective, fresh and in a retrospective view and in examples and experiences – something new and refreshing in Oman – Omani Head of Human Resources and Development

I read your article, and it made me real cry. I gave it to the wife, and she too cried with me. Thank you! We both needed that cry to unwind! Now there is love in the air! – CEO (Indian).


What The Books Reviewers Had Said

Here is an Author who calls a spade a spade – Features Editor – Oman English Daily.

The book is highly recommended for those in interests to have short stories of lives in Oman and The GCC countries – Another Features Editor – Another Oman English Daily (Book Short Takes).

Majid al Sulaimany is a well-read, witty and prolific writer who often makes you laugh and sit up and think on ordinary but often neglected and not so cared matters in the society. He also writes about social evils prevalent in the society with a funny touch and lashes it with heavy blows. This unique style and way we rarely find in other writers. His prose is simple and clear and elegant The title itself tells the reader the topics he talks about are not so sweet many times, and many of the articles irritate somebody or other.

Since it is ‘between us only’ and whispered in to your ears he often talks about matters which many are scared to touch. Majid’s “Between us Only” is a sincere attempt by a simple human being who cherishes his culture and traditions, and wanted it to be preserved for the coming generations. It is a labour of love with keen observation of the society in the 21st century Arab world in particular. It also carries warnings, resentments, fears and advises for all.-

The Features Editor – Oman English Daily (The Sequel Book).

It is part of personal thoughts of the Author on the day-to-day happenings in the society, part satire, part analytical, but in the long run, it does really matter – it is cautionary and advisory. It is the second book on the same line, and while it is overdone at times, it is still a fun reading enjoyable experience.

In his impressive style, Majid skilfully combines the pride and prejudices of the society, love and hate, vanity, pomp and show with a mixture of elements of caution to show that somewhere something is lacking and eventually leaves the readers to find out the answers.

No, he is not copying anyone’s style, it’s his own personal genre, and fortunately for us, he does it well! He also deals publicly with more serious aspects of culture and social life. It provides a point to ponder, people should believe in it.

Whatever others may think, his intentions seem to be very plain – love your country, love your culture and love one another. Where he is right is in underlining the fact that some people are encouraged by elites who take ludicrously short-sighted decisions which in the long run costs the people dearly.

Highly recommended reading for all.

Another Features Editor – Another Oman English Daily (The Sequel Book).

Majid has a very interesting and straightforward way of putting things.

Another interesting aspect of Majid’s writing style is that he can explain most burning complex and contemporary issues in a few sentences with unqualified clarity of thoughts

Another Features Editor – Another Oman English Daily (Between Us Only Book).

Written in a frank, open, and honest approach, Majid exposes his personal viewpoint on the critical realities found in the book. A must-read first-time book written by an Arab (GCC) Management Author and with the aim and focus for improvement in the especially Arab Management process – International Reviewer (USA)

Demonstrating his sharp eye, value for culture and tradition, and fearlessness, acclaimed columnist Majid Al Suleimany continues to uphold the witty bravado found in all his books so far – International Reviewer (Canada)

It is a unique book, written in a unique style. It is a soul-searching and critical evaluation of one’s own people in the field. He extols the culture and importance of work in his religion and the pitfalls and lackluster attitude of the Managers in position about the Principles and Process of Management.” – –

Editor Features – Oman English Daily.



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