A Complete Guide To All My Books! A Cry For Help! Book Arab Management Books! Books by Majid Al Suleimany Psychology of Arab Management Book! Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

How To Order My Arab Management First Books! – Internationally!

How To Order My Arab Management First Books! – Internationally!


You are all most welcome to visit my sites http://www.majidallbooks.com and http://www.myownmajid.com – Pages and The Main Menu – to know more about my New Management Book – A Cry For Help! – that is now published – and not now available at Family Bookshops, Borders, Turtles WH Smith) in Oman – and Magrudy’s and Jashanamal in UAE.

All of them Bookshops – with defunct Family Bookshop in Oman – Foreign Run have declined initially or later to stock my books due to their explosive Literary critical nature of the books! There was even talk of banning the books – especially A Cry For Help!

Now you understand why I am so sad and critical!

Also For The Books Images.

(It is already in International Websites – and published only last month).

1 All THE BOOKS AT ONE POINT – For The UK Mainly –




2 All These Three Trafford Books (USA and Canada) At One Point.

You can also order from Trafford – The Publishers in USA and Canada.

ww.trafford.com/08-0889 – Psychology Book

http://www.trafford.com/08-0890 – The Sequel Book


– A Cry For Help Book

3 Single Books Centres (also)

Please note that delivery costs are cheaper from UK and delivery is Faster!

3.1. A Cry For Help! – New Management Book – Majid Al Suleimany

See it at Amazon.com (USA)


Also at Trafford (Publisher – USA and Canada





Posted now also at Barnes & Nobles – The Largest Worldwide Book Stores – same or even bigger to Amazon.com (Booksurge.com)

At Barnes and Nobles


3.2. Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! (Context and Perspectives) – Arabian Management Series





Books won The USA Gold Seal of Literary Excellence 2013 & 2014

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