Arab Israel Conflict Opinion The Six Day War! The Yom Kippur War

The Arab-Israeli Conflict!

Dear All;

The Arab Israeli Conflict!

It is a long time since I have written something serious!

I was watching these Arab Israeli wars rewind documentaries in  English Al Jazeera Television covering The Six Days War of 1967 and The 1973 Yom Kippur October War (Bar Lev Line!).

The Six Days War was a calamity and disaster for the Arabs with The USA being fully behind Israel with satellite spying sharing with Israel! Also the things most noticeable were that Israel mostly won because they had a Super Airforce compared to The Arabs – and Israel won many times by pre-emptive strikes – with the exception of the start of The October War! But later phases ended with disasters with surrounding The Egyptian Third Army and only 100 kilometres to Cairo – and similarly to Damascus on The Syrian Front!

Sadly that mainly The Arabs lost because of let alone not really prepared for war – but also lack of planning, infighting, internal politics and of course the usual let downs and betrayals.

I personally believe that ‘all the recoveries Israel later made up’  were that Arabs were not fighting Israel alone but with full support in all ways and means with The USA being behind Israel – material and in involvements.

Arabs are, therefore, never ever expected to win in fights with Israel! Those countries that agreed to make peace with Israel ‘were saves’ – but those that did not like Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. went into malaise decay destructions!

Sadly, also we Arabs have short memory spans!

Truthfully, Iran had never attacked any Arab country – with the exception it is widely believed that Saddam Hussein started the attack on Iran – and the rest of us went in support – except for Oman that tried hard to mediate and bring peace to the region! Al Hamdu Lillah!

I wrote this article before in my books! The USA Publisher refused to publish my book quoting ‘Technical Reasons’ Images mainly. When I said I will remove the article they changed their mind! I anyway went to Amazon instead who did not bother – after all it was my book – and they were just publishing it!

In my Columns Between Us Only! in The Oman Daily Observer – I also wrote on this one below!

I am very proud of our His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – May Allah Give him long life health and happiness Ameen – and Our Foreign Policy of ‘Live and Let Live’  – and Non – Interference in Internal Affairs of Other Countries – and always keeping good relationships and rapport with all countries of the world – including our neighbours – to live in peace, harmony, understandinmg, tolerance, patience, respect and love to each other!

May Allah make Our Oman Always Great – Ameen Amen!

Images The Books Involved. Avoiding War Images as many already! You can Google them!

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