I miss my First Home! Mafia Island Tanzania My First Home! Where You Were Most Happy In Life!

Where You Were Most Happy In Life!

Where You Were Most Happy In Life!


Sometimes we kid ourselves! We think having Big Villas Big Cars Lots of Amenities Furniture Equipment Fittings will make us the most happy! I call it Empty Decorations! In actual fact, it may be even the very opposite! I know many large villas where the occupants inside are most unhappy!

I know of people we would be jealous of who have several Empty Decorations – but the person is most worried and unhappy! He is worried of losing money – going bankrupt – becoming poor again – and thus cannot sleep a wink at night! He paces up and down his large house – even takes his car out at 2 a.m. to just move around to get a distraction on his mind – so he can return home to sleep! All he gets is discomfited disturb sleep!

Sometimes the simple basic things we had made us most happy! Sometimes we lose our Property to move to a  Family Larger house or villa – but at the small villa with the Big Heart is where we were really happy!

Sometimes you end with no Rights – Legal and Otherwise – but later on in life you realise as an Outlaw you were actually more satisfied and happy in life!

The world – The Life is all full of surprises, disappointments, let downs etc.

I realise now that on Life Rewind I was Most Happy as a child in My Parents home in Kilindoni Mafia Island Tanzania! There was even no electricity, no fans, no air conditioners etc, Thankfully there was piped water! We shared the room with other 4 boys! I used to sleep on the upper deck of the bed! We had enough food and facilities in the house – sometimes there was always extra food that we shared with the others lesser fortunate!

I was neighbour in Qorum Heights to one who became a Billionaire – whilst I ended as just a Retired Pensioner! But then I look behind me – and see a long queue who want to be like me! When I complained in my blogs – one Yemeni Blogger proposed for us to change places – and I go to war torn Yemen!

One can write pages on The Topic – but for now I think it is enough to just pass on the thought idea to be pondered on in The Rat Life and Life Struggles!

Images – The Home where I was most happy as a person!

I really miss you – My First Home!




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