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The Sequel Books – Between Us Only!

Short Takes – 2! Between Us Only!

Back again for the next instalment in his critically acclaimed series, Majid Al Suleimany offers a new collection of articles that deal with the delicate matters that many are scared to touch.

Adapted from his successful newspaper column in The Oman Daily Observer, the enlightening and educational articles of Between Us Only!: Short Takes – Two! cover everything from human suffering and social trends to divorce and prejudice.

Touching on some of the social evils prevalent in today’s society, this fantastic collection uses a mixture of witty observations and heavy blows to get its point across. A labour of love filled with keen observations on twenty-first-century society, this insightful book carries priceless warnings, resentments, fears, and advice for readers everywhere.

The varied and honest new collection of articles cover a multitude of topics, from light hearted and entertaining stories to serious topics based off of universal societal issues. Full of interesting and educational articles and stories, this wonderful book is a captivating experience, especially for readers familiar with Arab customs, traditions, heritages, and legacies.

A fantastic read for everyone from CEOs to students, Between Us Only! offers insightful and illuminating articles based off of a variety of topics that even apply to children, teenagers, and grandparents. Filled with varied topics that will entertain and inform readers of all backgrounds and walks of life, this eclectic collection will engross as it inspires and provides a wide range of knowledge on a multitude of important topics.

Developed from weekly columns Al Suleimany writes, Between Us Only! follows up on the success of the previous books in the series and furthers the idea of private talks between friends on matters that many are too scared to touch. Often times delving into topics that aren’t always sweet, this enlightening book uses a clear and elegant prose to explore social evils in society as well as their light hearted counterparts.

Covering a variety of priceless topics, this wonderful collection of articles gives readers everywhere a glimpse into the issues that are prevalent in today’s society. Majid Al Suleimany has over twenty-five years of experience as a Human Resources Specialist and over ten years of experience as a Management and Human Resources Consultant, Expert, and Advisor.

For the past eight years, he has written weekly columns in The Oman Daily Observer, an English daily, which has led to three published books based off of his columns. He has recently expanded to a new column, At the Workplace. Al Suleimany has also published two other books on Arab management – http://www.myown-ebooks.com .

The Sequel – 3!


This is Book Six in the Between Us Only! Series. The book contains all the articles that had appeared in his two weekly columns in The Oman Daily Observer English Daily) – for the past four years. The columns are titled – Between Us Only! And At My Workplace!

Amongst his famous widely acclaimed read articles in his first book Between Us Only! – are Burning Homes; Advice To A New CEO; The Land Rover Story; The Power Of The Media; The Humane Face Amongst War; Are You Afraid?; What Is Happening To Us Now?; Keeping Up With The Changes; and How Much Dowry For Your Daughter! And – Do Not Worry – Be Happy; There Is No Urgency; Learning To Say No; Soul-Searching and Self-Analysis; No Money No Honey; Decision Making!

Also – Tragic Love Story; Why we Lie and Cheat; Why Are We So Bad?; and How To Apply For A Job? – Varied articles for different tastes and likes – covering almost everyone – from the Student to the CEO, from the child, teenager to Grand Parents! Also – Just Say No To It! – Who Will Bury Me? – Birds of A Feather! – Violence Begets Violence! – Changes Incumbent On All Of Us! – Half Full – Half Empty! – You Are Fired! – This Is How The Cookie Crumbles! – Which Way Arab Management? – Let Things Be! – Stop To Care! – Changes and You! – Do Not Cry For Us! – Here Cometh The Big Boss!

And Meet The New Wife!  The Office Tyrants And Tormentors! – Tact And Diplomacy!
Can You Admit You Are Wrong! – Finding Happiness At Work! – Gathering Storm Clouds! No One Behind Me! – Gathering Storm Clouds! – and Mixed Marriages Problems (Children) – There Is No One Behind Me! – and so many others similar interesting and enlightening and educative in nature – especially for Readers in Arab Customs, Traditions, Heritage, Legacy and Future!

In the series, this is Short Takes! – The Sequel – Book Two – after Book One = Between Us Only! – Short Takes – Between Us Only! (published Createspace ex Book Surge) and The Sequel – Between Us Only! – and at the same time with this one is – Between Us Only! – The Sequel Three – making this as the Fifth book in the series.

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