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My Short Takes!

My Short Takes! Book!

My Short Takes – Between Us Only!

My 24th book and book 12 in the series of Between Us Only!

My book website here at  Also at

This book is also the First Edition of my earlier book Short Takes! I have added recent emotional touching feeling articles from my website http://www.myshorttakescom The books contain series of articles that had appeared during the first five years in The Oman Daily Observer (English Daily).

The subjects cover varies from week to week but range from Socio-political, Social, Economic, Family, Educational, Omanisation (Localisation), Management, Human Resources, Training & Development, International arena and scenarios etc.

This book contains equally interesting subjects and topics. It has articles from both his first Two Books, but the concentration here in this book has been the human interest stories touching lives of the peoples (and residents) of Oman and The Gulf Region as a whole.

Images have also been added in this book – which was a point raised by Readers before! Some of the topics have been made out as stories, but the messages coming out are openly vividly and crystal clear to all, in many cases tit comes out outright and facing the Reader without any doubt or innuendos.

There are many articles in this book with Omani Themes. Also at my where there are somany same and related articles. Actually one of My Best Books Websites!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

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